12 October 2015

Study spaces at Caulfield

We're making every effort to make as many study seats available as we can in the Caulfield Library and elsewhere on campus during this critical period of the semester.

Level 4 of the library is now closed for refurbishment and all furniture has been redistributed to levels 2 and 3. We have provided larger tables in some of the rooms in the corridor on level 2 which should make these spaces more usable.

Library access restricted to Monash users only

A temporary exclusion period is now in operation until 13 November. This means that non-Monash visitors will not be able to access the library during this period. Please make sure you have your ID card with you when you come to the library.

Other study spaces on campus

Additionally, alternative study spaces will be available in Buildings B, T and F during Swot Vac and the exam period.

Buildings B and T

The following rooms will be available from 26 October to 20 November, Monday to Friday 8am – 12 midnight and Saturday and Sunday 10am – 9pm:

  • Building B: Rooms 220–222, 224, 226, 445, 448, 450, 457–459, 471, 476, 477
  • Building T: Rooms 305 and 309.
Student kitchens and toilets are available in Buildings B and T.

Building F

The following rooms will be available (from 27 October) Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm:

  • Building F: Rooms 441 and 648.

Toilets are available in Building F.

Campus security will be increased as more students stay on campus later during this period.

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