11 August 2015

How to manage your time

Some things remain a challenge no matter how organised you are. In case you're new to Monash or missed it the first time, check out this blog post on managing your time throughout the semester... by Damian Gleeson, Learning Skills Adviser.

Managing your time used to be easy when you were at school. There were rules about where you had to be, what you had to do, and when you had to do it. University is not like that. You are free to take the approach that best suits you!

We all get caught out sometimes, but being organised with a long-term and a short-term plan for the semester can help you to avoid those long, sleepless nights madly typing up the two essays that are due on the same date in week 6 or week 11.

In the video below, see tips, advice and suggested strategies for organising your time and your life. The better you can do this, the more successful you are likely to be.  Get your Google calendar (for example) organised now! You'll be grateful for it when the pressure is on.

There are further time-saving suggestions in the Library's Quick Study Guides. Or check out these helpful study strategies, and grab a few pointers on the transition from research to writing.

Check out the video:

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