8 December 2014

Matheson stage 1 construction kicks off

Work has commenced in the former Building 67 (Information Services Building). This is the first stage of a major refurbishment of the Matheson Library to conclude in Heidi Binghay.

The refurbished Matheson Library will include a new event
 area for rare books exhibition openings.

Work commenced in early December 2014 in the former Building 67 (Information Services Building). This is the first stage of the a major refurbishment of the Matheson Library to conclude in 2016. The building is now a shared zone and stairs, lifts and corridors will be used by staff and the builder and subcontractors.

A section of Level 1 of the building will be barricaded off. The toilets on this level will no longer be available to use. Alternative toilet facilities are available in Building 4.

Please be aware that Building 67 is now a shared zone with the Builder and other subcontractors, This means that stairs, lifts and corridors will be used by both Library Staff and builders.

The project is starting with the lower ground floor including building the new ramp and demolishing the internal wall between the Library and the Performing Arts. This area will be barricaded off to all people other than those registered with the Builder. Please do not enter any work zones.

Access to the loading bay will need to be coordinated as much as possible. Michael Watts is seeking clarification on expected library deliveries to avoid traffic jams and delays The Builder will try to schedule most deliveries to the site early in the morning before normal hours of business.

OHS signs and notices will be installed by Facilities and Services. For any issues, queries or incidents please contact Michael Watts or Paul Bromfield. They will follow up with the project manager Michelle Rysanek. Paul and Michael will be attending all site meetings so staff will be advised of any issues or program of works ahead of time.

All work in Building 67 is due to be completed by mid April 2015. Your patience and understanding over this period will be greatly appreciated.

The group study rooms on Level 1 have now been closed and students should not be in this area unless they wish to access the Rare Books Reading Room which is still open.
Staff and students should not enter work zones.

All work in Building 67, which is Stage 1 of the Matheson refurbishment project, is due to be completed by May 2015. Your patience and understanding over this period will be greatly appreciated.

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20 November 2014

Music collection moved at Matheson

The Music and Multimedia area and collection at the Matheson Library has temporarily closed due to the library refurbishment...By Rosemary Miller

The music scores, open access vinyl, CDs and DVDs are being moved to Level 2 near the journals in Building 4. The microfilm collection is being divided into two areas. The most used microfilms are being moved to group floor near the Reserve area and the low-use microfilms will be moved to the lower ground floor near the Matheson Store.

Music and Multimedia staff are located in the Music office (ground floor, Matheson Library) and are available to help students and staff locate items over the next two weeks while the collection is being relocated.

Visit the website for more information on the library refurbishment.

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11 November 2014

Important resources for mapping climate changes

Most of us look at the weather maps in newspapers, or watch the weather on news programs. We recognise the isobars and other features shown and what they mean in terms of weather.

To draw any conclusions about long range climate patterns, a much longer time frame is needed, according to our Reference, Maps and Standards Librarian, Barbara Wojtkowski. Many more such maps, in sequence, along with other information is required. Interestingly, much of this information is freely available via the web.

Check out these resources:


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4 November 2014

Personal experiences from World War 1

The First World War Personal Experiences is a digital resource for students and researchers of history that brings to life the reality of the First World War for the men and women who experienced it first-hand. By Rosemary Miller 

Including a wide range of original documents (diaries, letters, personal narratives, trench journals, scrapbooks, objects and a trove of visual resources), the database provides a rich seam of information on the personal experiences of war. It is designed for both teaching and study, from undergraduate to research and beyond.

Supplementing these primary sources is a wealth of secondary resources including interactive maps, 360° panoramas and walk-throughs of the Sanctuary Wood Trench System. Subjects covered include daily life and routines in the army and auxiliary services; trench warfare and conditions in the trenches; food and suppliers; battles and warfare; training and discipline; weapons and equipment; camaraderies and friendship; death; health and medicine; and thoughts on the enemy. 

The First World War Personal Experiences is one of many resources in History available to staff and students at Monash. Visit the History Library guide or the Australian Studies Library guide for links to further resources including primary narratives from the World War 1 and many other eras.

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21 October 2014

Temporary collection moves

Temporary collection moves and closures have started in preparation for the Matheson Heidi Binghay

Some collections have moved and various areas have closed in preparation for the major refurbishment of the Matheson Library.
  • All kits from Music and Multimedia have moved into their new permanent location near the Teaching Materials Collection on Level 1.
  • Music and Multimedia closed-access vinyl collections have moved to the Matheson Store closed area.
  • Kipen Judaica Collection  has moved to Level 2 Journals.
  • Music and Multimedia closed-access vinyl collections have moved to the Matheson Store closed area.
  • Asian Studies Research Collection (ASRC) closed-access materials have moved from Lower ground floor Building 67 to Matheson Store closed access.
  • Low-use Microfilm cabinets have moved to the Matheson Store.
  • ASRC area now closed, and all ASRC resources moved to compactus in open access Matheson Store
  • Music and Multimedia  area now is closed and many of its resources moved to Level 2 near the Journals. 
 Please ask at the Information Point for assistance.

Postgraduate Room closure
The Postgraduate Room closed on Friday 21 November 2014 until further notice. After the refurbishment is finished a better space will be available. But in order to get the work started at this time, we need to temporarily close the area. We will notify postgraduates when it is to be reopened or when the new space is available. We apologise for the inconvenience.

There is a Postgraduate Lounge at both Clayton and Caulfield campuses.
  • Clayton – 1st floor, Campus centre (Bld 10) with 24/7 access
  • Caulfield – Room A1.38, Building A and Room H1.32, Building H
Visit the Monash Postgraduate Association website for more information on access.

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20 October 2014

Transforming Matheson: More than meets the eye

It has been in the cards for some time but don’t blink now because the Sir Louis Matheson Library will be undergoing a major transformation soon..... by Heidi Binghay.

An internal street will make
 finding your way in the library easier.
While you have been busy studying, the Library has been planning, designing and working with different groups of people. We are always working on programs, activities and resources anyway but this one in particular is a major project that you would love to read about.

It has been in the cards for some time but don’t blink now because the Sir Louis Matheson Library will be undergoing a major transformation soon.

Keep calm and study on
Work started in late November 2014after the exams.

The refurbishment will take almost two years and the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. It seems like a long time and you’re probably wondering where you’re supposed to go to study during that whole time.

The library will remain open throughout the refurbishment and we will make every effort to ensure that you experience as little disruption as possible. If you prefer to work somewhere quieter, additional seating has been provided in the Hargrave-Andrew and Law Libraries on Clayton campus.

Living up to its status
For a library already so popular, with over 8,000 people visiting daily, we expect that the refurbishment will see this popularity soar even higher. The goal is to create a contemporary, engaging, inspiring and functionally effective library that reflects the status of the Sir Louis Matheson Library as one of Australia’s foremost humanities libraries.

Key features:
    An internal street to make navigating the library easier
    A modern, open-plan layout reflecting better natural daylight
    A variety of seating and desks to accommodate different study styles
    More group study rooms and improved teaching and learning spaces
    A new exhibition and function space and a special collection reading room
    A cafĂ© inside the library.
You can see a plan of the new-look Matheson Library online and make sure to check this blog for updates.

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