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31 May 2016

Why the ‘renew all’ button is gone

Changes to the way books and other items are  renewed are discussed in this blog article.

You may have noticed that there is no longer a ‘renew all’ button when looking at your loans in Search.

The ‘renew all’ button is no longer needed, as items are automatically renewed by the Library before they are due, except for items in high demand or those requested by other users.

If you want to know when to return your loans, check your email for Library notices. We’ll send you a courtesy notice when your loans can’t be renewed again.

Automatic renewals have been introduced by the Library to stop students and staff getting unnecessary fines because they forgot to renew their loans.

For undergraduate students, regular loans are renewed every two weeks for a maximum of 14 weeks, unless someone else requests the item or you get a fine or an overdue loan on another item. If this happens, you will be notified by email that you need to return the item by a given due date.

To keep track of when your loans are due, go to Library Search and select 'Sign in' to access your details and check the due dates.

Once you are advised to return an item, you need to return it as soon as possible, as it will attract a fine once it is overdue.

Automatic renewals apply to all library users including academics, postgraduate students and external Library users. Further information about loan periods for all users is available online.

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