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4 September 2017

Students, have your say via the Library user survey

Let us know what we do well and where we can do better. Complete the Library user survey and you can go in the draw to win a prize.  

Matheson Library entrance
Since our last user survey in 2015, we have completed the major transformation of the Matheson and Caulfield libraries and created vibrant and inspiring work spaces for our students. 

The Library user survey is your opportunity to give us feedback.

About 10 minutes is all you need to complete the Library survey.

Your opinion matters

We've listened to your opinions from previous surveys and taken your input on board. With your feedback, we've done big and small things to enhance your experience of using the Library.

In 2015, you said:
  • "Matheson Library needs to have a re-layout, too many study desks are in one place so study areas are always prone to noise. Also all the libraries are severely lacking in group study rooms, especially with AV equipment."
  • "I am looking forward to the redevelopment of Caulfield Library, it's pretty overdue. The study facilities of the library (desks, computers, capacity) is the main frustration."
  • "Merge the lab printing and online payment with the library system."
  • Caulfield Library front façade
  • "Another thing that should really be improved is being able to print directly from our laptops to the print station..."
What we have done:
  • In the Matheson Library, different types of spaces cater for a range of study styles, from quiet to collaborative group work. There are 22 bookable discussion rooms fitted with plug-and-play technology for devices and screens. Seating capacity has increased by 25% to 1,620 seats.
  • In the new Caulfield Library, an open plan has created more study spaces that suit different needs, with 7 bookable technology-rich discussion rooms and an abundance of large tables with screens to share for group work. Seating capacity has doubled to 1,500 seats.
  • With the rollout of single Monash UniPrint system, there is now one printing system at the libraries and computer labs. Wireless printing in the libraries can also be enabled by students.

Get a chance to win a prize

When you've completed the survey, simply provide your student ID number and you can go in the draw to win one of these prizes:
  •         One major prize of Coles Myer voucher worth $500
  •         Five minor prizes of Coles Myer voucher worth $100 each
      We publish the overall results of the survey but don't worry, your response is confidential. 

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6 August 2015

We hear you

Thanks to the Monash students who took part in the Library user survey last May. We value your feedback as it allows us to identify the areas to prioritise in the coming years.

You have told us what is important to you and how the Library is performing in these areas. You have also reinforced where you think we most need to improve.

The areas with significant gap scores have to do with facilities and equipment (see the infographic below).

What are we going to do?

1. We will complete the refurbishment of the Matheson and Caulfield Libraries.

By the end of 2016 the two libraries will have modern, engaging and stimulating study spaces for quiet and group work. 

Matheson Library will have a 25% increase in seating from 1419 to 1707 seats, from 7 to 23 bookable discussion rooms fitted with technology and from 3 to 4 state-of-the-art teaching rooms.

Caulfield Library will double its current seating from 750 to 1500 seats, from 2 to 7 bookable discussion rooms plus numerous technology rich group study areas, and from 2 to 4 state-of-the-art teaching rooms.

All the teaching rooms will be available for student use when not being used for teaching.

2. We will continue to work with eSolutions to improve printing.

By enabling wireless printing, students will be able to print from their laptop or device. This will lessen students' need to use a PC. As indicated in students' comments, waiting for an available computer is frustrating when all they need to do is print a document or lecture slides.

An annual survey conducted by Monash eSolutions among commencing students indicates that laptop and device ownership among students has been on a steady rise.

What else did we learn?

For the first time the Library survey asked students for their best estimate of their academic results. The data was analysed to explore any correlation between their use of the Library and their academic results. 
  • 78.8% of respondents who come in to the library daily or 2-4 days a week achieved at least a Distinction.
  • 70.3% of all respondents who access the library online daily or 2-4 days a week achieved at least a Distinction.
The results indicate a strong correlation, which will be considered again in future Library user surveys.

More information about the Library survey results is available on the website.

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