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6 March 2017

New online lectures for 2017

Not only are lecture recordings easier to access now, the change to Learning Capture means you can do a lot more to participate in discussions, take notes, create your personal study guide and more. It's about your learning, not just the recording.

From 2017, online lectures are available to students through Moodle. Previously, online lectures were available through the Library website.

The new Learning Capture system is a more exciting system as it lets you view a class online while it is being conducted, and allows you to participate, take notes and bookmarks, and contact your lecturer.

By visiting the Learning Capture Getting started site you can find out how to:
  • Use the Dashboard
  • View classroom lectures and answer questions during class
  • Take notes on the material and bookmark locations to return to later
  • Participate in after-class discussions and Question and Answer forums
  • Review your class Study Guide, including your notes and bookmarks.
Lectures may be broadcast live, so that you can view the lecture from elsewhere and participate as if you were in the room. If it is a live broadcast, there will be a green icon.

Later, after a class is over, you can still participate in activities like Question and Answer forums and sharing materials with other students as well as downloading the lecture, notes, and other content, and maintaining your own personal study guide.

On the “all classes” list you will see earlier lectures and materials your instructor has posted for you to read for upcoming classes.

To download a lecture you have missed: 
  • go to your unit page in Moodle
  • click on “Learning Capture” 
  • select 'all classes' for your unit
  • click the class you wish to download
  • click on the video icon and selecting 'download original'. 
Please note, you will not be able to download a lecture if your lecturer has disabled downloads for your unit. If he or she has, the Learning Capture link will be “greyed out”. If this is the case, check with your lecturer whether online lectures will be available in the future.

Please check the Learning Capture help site if you have trouble downloading your lecture or using the features of the new system.

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15 June 2015

Lectures online for the uninitiated

Monash University Lectures Online is a lecture recording service which uses Echo360 technology, offering a blended learning experience to students, wherever they are... by Laurie Smith.

Why use Monash University Lectures Online?
Monash University Lectures Online is popular with students as a way of ‘time-shifting’ lectures when timetables clash, of focusing in on unclear sections, of scanning through lecture slides and referring back to lecture material when studying for exams.

Lecturers benefit through the use of analytics, permitting them to keep track of student usage, % completion and are even able to locate the most popular parts of their lectures.

Which lecture theatres are set up with recording facilities?
The number of theatres capable of recording lectures is constantly expanding and is listed here: teaching spaces available for online recording.

How do academic staff request lecture recordings for their units?
The simplest way to request lecture recording is by using our online form.  It’s also possible to request one-off recordings by emailing or by creating your own recordings using personal capture software. Requests can be made by staff only.

How do I report a problem?
The most direct way to notify us of any issues is to use the Report a problem on our home page.

Who arranges the lecture recordings?
Lecture recordings can only take place if requested by the lecturer or unit co-ordinator for a course unit. Some faculties such as Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Information Technology, record all units by default, except for certain courses in which teaching staff have requested not to be recorded.

What will be recorded?
By default, our recordings capture both audio and visual content. Audio is recorded from the theatre microphones, while visuals are recorded from the output of the theatre PC or connected laptop (e.g. PowerPoint presentations). Note that a small number of theatres are equipped to make video recordings of presenters.

How soon will my lecture recordings be available online?
Lecture recordings need to be uploaded from the recording device and processed into the various formats we deliver.  Generally they are available for playback within an hour or two after the conclusion of lectures though this varies mainly due to server load.

How long do the recordings remain available?
All lecture recordings remain available for the duration of the semester in which a unit is held.

How do students find the lecture recordings?
The link to your lecture recordings are listed under your faculty on the MULO homepage.  These links are maintained by MULO staff.   If desired, you may paste the link to the lecture recordings for your unit into Moodle, however these links are not maintained by MULO staff and may go out of date.

What options are available for accessing the recordings?
Lectures may be accessed via streaming them directly through the EchoPlayer, by downloading them, or by subscribing to the unit using a podcast manager like iTunes.

Image: Jonathan Powell, under CC 2.0 licence

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