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13 February 2017

Track the evolution of legislation

Did you know we have Law databases that will help you research the history of legislation? Subject Librarian Caroline Knaggs says it's handy and really easy to use.

Are you researching the history of legislation? TimeBase databases will help you with you research. Just select the area you wish to research and the date(s) you are investigating, TimeBase will do the rest!

TimeBase has point-in-time services in Australian corporations, competition and consumer law, employment, GST, income tax and intellectual property law.

You can:

  • Create complete legislation pictures based on the date you are researching at any date - past, present or future
  • Access comprehensive, date-sensitive related materials linked at the relevant date
  • Instant comparison of versions of provisions as they were at different dates
  • Access version history of all sections, across all versions, irrespective of legislative instrument
  • Search for legislative material related to a problem occurring at a certain date - past or future.

TimeBase also produces LawOne, which gives comprehensive national legislation coverage in Australia. LawOne has over 65,000 legislative items, access to full text legislation across all nine jurisdictions. It includes amending, subordinate and repealed legislation, Bills, Explanatory Memoranda and Second Reading Speeches along with detailed legislative histories.

These databases can be accessed through Library Search, and our Databases A-Z pages.

To discover more resources to research legislation go to the Law Resources Library Guide.

Please contact Law Library staff if you would like more details or need help in using these databases.

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5 April 2016

Keep track of parliaments, policy and legislation

LexisNexis Capital Monitor provides expert monitoring of Australian parliaments, policy and legislation and is at your fingertips, says Caroline Knaggs, a subject librarian at the Law Library.

Parliament House, Canberra
Capital Monitor is a long established, extensive database which collects parliamentary, policy, legislative, regulatory and judicial news and information from both Federal and State Governments. 

It includes:

● Press releases, transcripts and additional related statements by government, opposition, and other parties, as well as industry reaction;

● Parliamentary papers, committee and inquiry reports, digests, and other official documents;

● Legislation and associated information such as second reading speeches, explanatory memoranda and/or statements, schedule of amendments, etc;

● Hansard;

● Cases from a range of courts including the High Court, Federal Court and the Victorian Supreme Court;

● ... and much more!!!

Capital Monitor is a great way to obtain a broad overview of an issue which conveniently brings information together. It enables you to research the background and context of a topic and track its development through to implementation and legislation.

Materials are added in full text almost as soon as they are made available. Coverage starts from 1996 for many of the materials.

Keyword searching is the most effective way to access this extensive collection. You can search across everything or limit your research to specific collections and jurisdictions. You will be presented with a selection of results, with your keywords highlighted. Browsing is also possible over a specific selection of resources

Access LexisNexis Capital Monitor through the A-Z Databases page or Search.

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6 January 2015

Hein Online: is there anything it can’t do?

Hein Online is a database that covers so much. It is suitable for people with little or no legal research experience through to those with advanced skills.......By Caroline Knaggs

Conan O’Brien wrote the famous line “doughnuts, is there anything they can’t do?” for Homer Simpson in the episode Marge v The Monorail and it is tempting to apply the concept to Hein Online. This database covers so much (it is the world’s largest image-based legal research collection) and is so easy to use.

HeinOnline is divided into Libraries which cover specific collections of legal material. The most frequently used secondary sources library is the Law Journal Library, an archival collection (i.e. from vol. 1 issue 1 onwards) of law journals from around the world including the US Ivy League and all Australian law schools. Other secondary libraries to note are the Foreign and International Law Resources Database, the Intellectual Property Collection and the Phillip C. Jessup Library which contains international law materials for those involved with the Jessup moot. Hein’s Scholarcheck provides journal article citation details.

For primary sources, Hein contains the (UK) Statutes of the Realm (legislation beginning at the reign of King Henry III) to the current US Code and early UK and US case law through to current cases from the US Supreme Court and much more. US Cases are made easier to find using the Fastcase citator. The World Treaty Library brings treaties from a range of organizations together in one place.

The Search function provides a range of options and documents can be printed or downloaded as a PDF file.

Hein is suitable for people with little or no legal research experience through to those with advanced skills. New content is added monthly, making each search an adventure. HeinOnline: the “go-to” legal research database.

If you are a Monash staff or student, you have free access to HeinOnline as one of the Library’s many database subscriptions.

Caroline Knaggs, is a subject librarian and member of the Law faculty team

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