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9 June 2017

How do I use document delivery?

The Monash University Library collection provides you with access to over four million items, but did you know that as a staff member, honours or postgraduate student you can access even more? Read on to find out about document delivery and interlibrary loans… by Catherine Hocking

Does this situation sound familiar?

You are searching your favourite database and come up with a list of amazing articles that are just perfect for your literature review - but wait, no full text coverage! Luckily our document delivery service has you covered.

What do I need to know?

Document delivery is a service for Monash staff, postgraduate and honours students allowing you to access the materials you need for your research, whether they be articles, conference papers, books, audiovisual and other materials.

You can request a copy or loan of items not held at a Monash branch library, or items that are missing from our collection. Copies of articles, chapters etc. from items that Monash only holds in print can also be supplied.

How do I use Document delivery?

The easiest way to request an article or paper is right at the point of discovery - when you are doing your database search. Many databases will have a ‘Check for full text’ button when an article is not available. Using this will first check other holdings in the Library’s Search (remember to Sign in!), and if still not available can link you through to a document delivery request form with the article details ready filled. Check that the article details have populated correctly then submit your request - simple as that!

You can also fill out a request manually so you don’t have to go through a database. Access the form through the Document delivery and interlibrary loans website, select your request type then enter as much information as you can.

How long will it take?

Most articles are supplied within 1 week, loans within 3 weeks. This can vary depending on where and how we are obtaining material. Our recent collaboration with international institutions means that many article requests with full citation details can be delivered within two working days.

Tip - the more information you can give us, the quicker we can supply your request. Including an ISSN (for journals) or ISBN (for books) is particularly helpful.

Copies will be delivered to you by email, physical items such as books are sent to your nominated Monash branch library for collection. Off-campus registered students and staff can have items sent to their home address or department location.

If you do require materials urgently, you should contact Document delivery staff to discuss your requirements.

Want to find out more? Check out our Document delivery library guide or website.

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22 June 2015

Document Delivery

You found this really great article but can’t access it via the Library’s electronic subscriptions – what can you do? Allow Library staff to source it for you via our Document Delivery service! Read on to find out Paula Todd

Who can use it?
Monash University Library has a service for staff, postgraduate and honours students where we can source material for you, from around the world if necessary, and deliver it via a link to your inbox.

What can be requested?
In addition to electronic articles sourced from non-Monash libraries, copies of print only material held at other Monash branch libraries can also be supplied.  Document Delivery also obtain loans of items from Australian and overseas libraries.

How do I use it?
The online form is available via a link on the Library tab in your portal (look under Services) or from the Library website.

If you are using Search and the article or journal is not held by Monash, a link to the Document Delivery request form will appear in the “view it” tab which should pre-populate the request form with most of the information about the article.

Where do I collect them from?
Electronically sourced items or scanned printed items such as articles will be sent via a link or as an attachment to your Monash email address.

Physical items such as books and other materials will be sent to the nominated Monash branch library for collection. If you are registered as off-campus, items may be sent to your off-campus Department location or home address.

Please see our library guide for much more information about document delivery and interlibrary loans.

What happens for undergraduate students?
If you are an undergraduate student you can visit any participating Victorian academic library* and borrow books or photocopy print articles in person.  Before you go make sure you have registered for a CAVAL card at one of the Monash branch libraries and have checked the opening hours of the library you wish to visit.  Note that this reciprocal agreement does not allow for electronic access to other libraries. See CAVAL for more information and the list of participating libraries.

*Includes University of Tasmania Library!

 Image: Sebastien Wiertz, under CC 2.0 licence

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