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7 March 2016

New interactive screens to help you find your way

Students, staff and visitors using the Hargrave-Andrew Library have three interactive screens that will help them find their way to key destinations and points of interest in the library. Check out the maps to find a study space, a book or journal on shelf, a teaching room or discussion room.

We are excited to pilot a digital wayfinding solution at Hargrave-Andrew Library. It comes ahead of the completion of the refurbishment of Matheson and Caulfield Libraries where the digital wayfinder will be rolled out in 2017.

Ease of navigation, better known as wayfinding, is key to a successful library refurbishment. For libraries that have multiple levels, it could be difficult to find a destination without directions. The digital wayfinder will complement physical signage in the libraries.

Most of you are familiar with this self-help solution as digital wayfinding screens are used in other places such as shopping malls, airports and convention centres.

You can touch the screen to show the interactive map of the library.

The screen is also designed for accessibility so that you can switch the map display for easier reach. It highlights the lifts, adaptive technology room and other facilities for users with a disability.

The digital wayfinder will continue to be developed to integrate PC Finder and room booking, as well as indicate where study spaces are free, busy or packed.

You won't miss the kiosk upon entering Hargrave-Andrew Library. There is also a wall-mounted screen on level 1 and another kiosk on level 2.

Touch it, use it and find your way around the library more easily. We'd be happy to get your feedback. Email:

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