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6 March 2017

Borrowing basics

Now that you’ve been to your first week of classes, you may be thinking about how to find a copy of your textbook for those pre-tutorial readings, or even for your first assignment. In this article, Clinton Bell takes you through the process of borrowing your first book from the library!

The refurbished libraries have new loans machines

How do I find the book I want?

Start by finding it in Library Search! You can get to it via the Library tile in your portal, or use the search box halfway down the library homepage. You can find most books just by typing in the title and the surname of one of the authors.

When you find a record for the book you want, there will be a “Get it” or “View it” tab underneath it. The “View it” tab will give you a link to an electronic copy of the book, if we have one. The “Get it” tab shows you how many physical copies we have, whether they’re available, and which library collection they’re in:

If the book you want is available at your campus, you can go and get it off the shelf. To find it you’ll need the call number, which is also shown on the “Get it” tab. A call number is a bit like the number in a street address - it tells you how far along the shelves your book will be.

If the book you want is only available at a different campus or all the copies are on loan, you can place a request, and we’ll send the next available copy to the library where you want to pick it up. Make sure you’re logged in (there’s a “Sign in” button in the top right), and then you should see a “Request” button near the top of the “Get it” tab.

If you’re having trouble finding what you want, just ask the Library staff!

Okay, I found it. Now how do I borrow it?

You can borrow books using the self-check systems around the library. You need to scan your ID card, then slide the book into the cradle until the barcode on the front (not the back!) is under the scanner. The machine will go “thunk!” and the book’s title will be highlighted in green on the screen when it’s ready - it does take a second or two, so don’t pull it away too fast!

There are some items which won’t work with the self-check, for example because they’re too big, a weird shape, or they don’t have a barcode on the front. If you have one of these items, or you’re just having trouble with the machine, you can also borrow at the information point.

One of the books I want has a coloured sticker on it.   What does that mean?

If we expect a book to be in high demand, we may place limits on how long some copies can be borrowed, so that more people have a chance to read it. The stickers pictured above mark books which have these restrictions.

If a sticker has a year on it, the restriction only applies for that year, so don’t worry about stickers from 2016 or earlier!

More questions?

If you have more questions about borrowing, you can view detailed information on our website, read the FAQs on, or ask our friendly staff in person. Happy borrowing!

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18 March 2015

6 things to note about your Library loans

As a Monash staff or student, you enjoy generous borrowing entitlements. It would be useful to take note of some important things regarding your loans...By Rosemary Miller

1. Borrowing limit

Undergraduates can borrow up to 30 items for two weeks. Postgraduates, honours and staff can have unlimited loans for six weeks.

2. Automatic renewals

Once you have borrowed an item, except for items in high demand or those requested by other users, it will be automatically renewed up to six times.

Pay attention to emails about your loans, as if an item has been requested by someone else, you will be notified to return it.

3. Returning items

You can return items to any of our libraries most convenient to you. Use the return chutes. 

4. Overdue items 

If you have an item that is overdue, you cannot borrow and your loans will not be automatically renewed. You will also incur a fine. 

5. Fines information available

You can see information about any library fines you have accrued to date when you log in to Search and go to “MyLoans".

6. More equitable requests

When you request an item, and the item is currently on the shelf at a library at your pick-up campus, you will not see that campus as a request option. You should go directly to the library shelves and borrow the item yourself. Reducing the time that books spend travelling between campuses and libraries leads to greater availability of books to students and staff in general. 

Off-campus students can request postal loans free of charge through Search.

Image: Robert Taylor Red Squirrel_7674 CC

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