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3 March 2017

First in family – A world of opportunities

If you are the first in your family to start at Monash University, you might feel you are embarking on the most thrilling and yet frightening journey of your life, says Roland Clements, Learning Skills Adviser. In this post he shares with you the ‘absolute essentials’ that will help you during your first year at university.

You may be the first in your family to have ever thought about going to university. Whatever inspired you to want to study, you are here, which is wonderful - so make the most of it because education and learning can be joyous!

Until the early part of the 20th century, people went for higher education because their subjects fascinated them. They were passionate about what they were studying and intensely curious about the world around them. You are such a person, so don’t be scared or have any reservations.

I’m not going to give you an Alice in Wonderland-style tour of fascinating facts and tricks on how to get the most out of your studies. Our Library offers you a wide range of resources and services which can help you in many of these areas, and they have online tutorials to help you with your study and assignments. What I can share with you are the ‘absolute essentials’ that will help ease the stress of your first year at university. If you have these on hand you won’t feel like a castaway on a desert island (remember Tom Hanks and Mr. Wilson!).

Here are a few essentials you will need for your survival at university at the start of the year. 

1. Campus maps and Library opening hours - Good to have if you need to visit other libraries - Monash students can visit any of our branches.

2. Your Library - Get to know your Library and what it offers: computers, printers, photocopiers, physical items (such as books and DVDs), and online eResources (such as databases and academic journals). The Library staff are always here to work with you through any queries you have, no matter how trivial or complex.

3. Librarians and Learning Skills Advisers - They can work with you to build a number of skills that will be useful both during your time at Monash, and beyond! Librarians have expertise in selecting appropriate databases, searching for academic resources, evaluating sources and citing and referencing. Learning Skills Advisers can build your skills in understanding assignment tasks, structuring your work, academic writing, effective reading, and note taking.

4. Monash M-Pass -Your M-Pass is linked to an online account - you can use it to add credit, copy, print, and pay fines at the Library. You’ll also need it for exams as your student ID!

5. Your username and password - You’ll need this to log in to computers, your, and to access electronic resources (such as databases) through Library Search.

Throughout the course of a regular day at university, you will meet students and lecturers from various corners of the globe who bring their educational knowledge and experience with them. You will learn to work with people from various disciplines and how to work as a team member. No matter what stage in life or circumstances you find yourself, remember that we are all human beings and always learning. So think about the events that brought you to Monash University and make the most of it - persistence and perseverance will lead to success!

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17 February 2016

A big hand for the uni journey

Starting out at university is a big challenge and change for first in family, mature age and students from diverse backgrounds. Programs, resources and activities offered by the Library and the University can help make the journey less daunting, write Anita Dewi and Michelle De Aizpurua.

If you are feeling a bit anxious or apprehensive about the university environment, you're not alone. Many students feel this way when they first get started.

If you are the first in your family going to university, or if you’re a mature age, part-time or off-campus student, we understand it can be quite a challenge even as it is an exciting step to take in your life.

We've made sure to provide a wide range of resources and services to suit your needs and to guide you.

For First in Family students, check out some tips from one of our learning skills advisers in this video on how to get ready for university life.

There are other study hints and resources available from other organisations that support First in Family students.  

For off-campus students, you can access the numerous electronic resources the Library subscribes to anytime, anywhere.  You can even request items to be posted to your home as part of our flexible delivery options for off-campus students.

There are lots of resources for you to refer to - check out these quick hints for creating new study patterns and developing a study strategy to get started. There are plenty more materials available via the Research & Learning Online (RLO) site, so keep checking back once you get stuck in your study!

Extra study facilities and services are provided by the Mature Age & Part-time Students Association (MAPS) for mature age, part-time and distance education students, or you may find a mentoring program helpful for support in your discipline.

While university life is certainly not stress-free, the level of stress is definitely manageable. Remember, you can seek support and, as they say, you'll be surprised how much there is.

Anita Dewi is a learning skills adviser who splits her time between the Hargrave-Andrew Library at Clayton and the Berwick Library while Michelle De Aizpurua is a librarian in the Law Library. 

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