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2 December 2015

SciFinder a powerful biochemistry tool

Revisit a powerful discovery tool for biochemistry and molecular biology, writes Jennifer Kain, a subject librarian at the Hargrave-Andrew Library.

SciFinder is a research discovery application that provides access to the world's most comprehensive
and  authoritative source of references (including journals, conferences and patents), substances and reactions  in chemistry and the related sciences; including biochemistry and  molecular biology, pharmacology, chemical  engineering and chemical physics.  Content is updated daily.

SciFinder’s search features offer fast and convenient access to comprehensive sources in a single tool designed for a more efficient workflow. 

Content information available in SciFinder includes:
  • Substances – a trusted resource for substance information including chemical structures, chemical names, CAS Registry Numbers®, properties, commercial availability and regulatory information.
  • Reactions – dependable and current chemical reaction information including reaction schemes, experimental procedures, conditions, yields, solvents, catalysts, as well as commercial availability of substances with direct links to leading producer and supplier sites.
  • References – found in journals, patents, dissertations and more. SciFinder can bring you information from early discovery through clinical trials with the combined coverage of  CAplusSM and MEDLINE®. Links to full text version of articles  may be embedded.

Users report that SciFinder facilitates access to not only the chemistry, but also allows searching for the right structures and physical properties of compounds that they are interested in. Using the Synthetic Planning Tools they can find intermediates that eventually lead to the molecules of interest, seeing different synthetic methodologies and how to make this particular compound.

SciFinder is particularly strong in molecular biology. When you search for chemicals and substances,
you can do it with the molecular formula, or using the structure.  Check out the SciFinder application overview .

SciFinder  is available to Monash staff & students via a link from the Database pages.  SciFinder is now web based and easy to use, once you have registered on their system.  It provides online demonstration tutorials and  help.

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