9 September 2016

A new cafe coming to Hargrave-Andrew Library

By orientation week in semester 1 2017, the Hargrave-Andrew Library on the Clayton campus will have a much-anticipated new retail space on the ground floor, similar to the exciting new Northern Plaza dining options at the Campus Centre.

Architect's drawing

Get excited! Here's what you can look forward to: a destination meeting space and a relaxed sanctuary offering, with music performances in the Kenneth Hunt Garden at selected times. It will be a unique environment that has the opportunity to house unique and quality operators with the concept for it to become the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ on campus. The space will encourage student engagement with seating arrangements to foster group discussions. It will also be a space to cater to off-campus visitors seeking a quality eating experience.

Construction has begun and the after-hours return chute is closed due to the hoardings, with a sign redirecting users to the Law Library.

Extended hours of food retailers on campus

Currently Hargrave-Andrew Library and Caulfield Library are open until midnight during semester. If you're studying late, you'd be pleased to know you can get quality food on these campuses -- check out the retailers' extended hours.

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