29 February 2016

Time management: Getting things done!

Some things remain a challenge no matter how organised you are. If you want to be prepared for your university course this year, read a few tips from Library staff  Damian Gleeson and Michelle De Aizpurua.

University requires a lot more independence in your studies than when you were at school. This means you are responsible for organising your own schedule and study plans. You are free to take the approach that best suits you, however leaving everything to the last minute usually isn’t the best strategy. This post offers some advice and suggestions on how to manage your time so you can be a successful student and have a life!

Watch this short video to see tips, advice and suggested strategies for organising your time and your life. The better you can do this, the more successful you are likely to be.

Procrastination affects everyone - ever heard of the procrastibaking method? But you can prevail. One of the best ways you can avoid the need to pull all-nighters, panicking and madly typing with only coffee and Red Bull to keep you company, is to keep organised with a long-term semester plan and a short-term weekly plan.

Whether you like to write important dates in your diary or use a Google calendar, get organised now! You’ll be grateful for it when the pressure is on.

We’ve got some great resources available on our Research & Learning Online site, covering things like managing your time, and setting up your personal study space. You can also check out these helpful study strategies, grab a few pointers on the transition from research to writing, and other time-saving tips.

Don’t forget, we have workshops for this stuff too! Log in to the Library Class Booking System and search for ‘time’ or ‘study skills’ to see what's on offer from our expert staff.

Starting your assignments ahead of time means you’ll have more wiggle room when your new uni friends invite you out for fun times - and the only regret you’ll have the next day is that one extra drink, not that one extra essay.

Damian Gleeson is a Research and Learning Coordinator at Caulfield Library and Michelle Aizpurua is a librarian at the Law Library.

Graphic: Nessima El Qorchi

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