2 March 2015

What’s new in 2015

Welcome back and best wishes from the Library for a successful year. 

Image: Elenapaint (CC BY-SA 2.0)
We hope you had a wonderful summer break. 

So what's up at the Library? There are a few important changes to note this year:

  • If you are a frequent Matheson Library user, you will see that the refurbishment has commenced; building work is taking place in back areas of the building currently. Some collections and areas have been moved or closed, so keep a look out for those popup signs redirecting you to their temporary locations. 
  • Additional seating at Matheson Library is available on Level 5 of the General Collection and Level 2 of the Journal Collection. All levels 1-5 have some quiet seating.
  • The Hargrave-Andrew Library and Law Library have additional seating available to help students find a quiet spot to study over the Matheson refurbishment period.
  • The refurbishment of the Caulfield Library is in the planning phase.

Room bookings

Group study rooms can now be booked by students directly at  Berwick, Law, Peninsula and  Matheson Library. This is a trial and your feedback would be appreciated before we roll out the system to all libraries. To book  a room, go to

New Library blog

This new Library blog you are reading will have articles written by experts to provide you with advice and tips for your studies. You can keep up with the latest about the Library’s resources and services by subscribing to the blog. 

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