30 March 2015

Heads up about Caulfield Library

If you read or heard that Caulfield Library was going to be redeveloped, you read or heard right. The library will undergo a major makeover and the architects' drawings are stunning! ... Heidi Binghay

You will not recognise the Caulfield Library when it's finished. 
  • It will be a bigger library with almost double its current seating capacity. 
  • It will have a welcoming and inspiring entrance from the side of the Campus Green. 
  • From what is currently a solid impenetrable box, the library building will be opened up by creating a transparency between the interior and the exterior. This means there will be more views inside out and vice versa. 
  • Finding your way inside the library will be easier. Navigation will be improved throughout the building.
  • There will be more learning spaces for quiet study and collaboration, not to mention advanced technology for students' use. 
Building is expected to start in mid-2015 and completed at the end of 2016, with the months prior to Semester 1 2017 as a contingency. 

The library will remain open throughout if possible, although it is likely that it may be closed over the 2015-16 Christmas period to allow for intensive building work to be done. The possibility of providing additional seating elsewhere on campus is being explored.

The collection will be relocated in several phases throughout the refurbishment, with as few moves as possible. 

There will be disruptions but we hope you are as excited as we are about getting a modern, inspiring and engaging Caulfield Library at the end of it.

Visit the website for more information and view the fantastic images. Check this blog to keep up to date with the library refurbishment. 

Image: John Wardle Architects

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