9 March 2015

5 reasons for attending a Library drop-in

You can get advice at a Library drop-in session. Here are some reasons that you might wish to take this Rosemary Miller

Library drop-in sessions commence this week and will continue through the semester. Students seek advice at these sessions on a range of topics and for many reasons. See if you can relate to any of these examples.

1. Need a handle 

Simon is unsure where to start with his first University-level assignment – so different from school.

2. If you feel stuck

Elena wants to know where she would find articles on her essay topic as her search attempts on the internet and on the Library site have found nothing.

3. Make group work work

Adam and Zhang need advice on how their project group might make an effective oral presentation to their tutorial group.

4. Talk to an expert

Sophia thinks that she cited all her sources properly in her work but her lecturer suggested she needed to include more details.

5. More tips

Taking notes in lectures is difficult for Jing. She needs some tips on how to go about it effectively.

You can get advice from a learning skills adviser or librarian at your library's Research and Learning point. Check when drop-in sessions are offered. No bookings are necessary .

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